Financial and Billing

 Our billing practices and policies are fairly standard for the medical industry.   We recognize the financial burden placed on families; and we do our best to minimize its impact.  Please understand, however, that the responsibility for coordination of benefits lies between families and their insurance company.   Accordingly, payment such as deductibles and copays are  expected at the time of your appointment.  Patients who cannot remit payment at the time of their appointment may be charged a nominal fee.

Missed Appointments

Cancelation of a visit with less than 24 hours notice will result in a ‘no-show’ fee which may range from $50-$150, depending on the type of visit missed.  This charge will be assessed regardless of insurance coverage. 

Insurance Cards and Demographics

In order to avoid problems with billing, insurance, and communication, we ask that you regularly present insurance cards and provide updates or changes in address, email, phone numbers, etc.   Please ensure that you have your insurance i.d. card available.

Social Media

The reputations of small business, including medical practices, thrive on  reviews.  Due to confidentiality and privacy issues, we cannot respond to comments posted online; and as your pediatric healthcare partner, we depend on your positivity!  Our families are expected to acknowledge and abide by our social media policy:   If you have had anything less than a positive experience,  you will let us know promptly—in person, by phone, or email—providing us an opportunity to rectify the situation.  You also agree not to post overtly negative or misleading comments online, without affording us this opportunity.  We are always available to talk with you openly about your concerns, whether personal, medical, financial, or administrative.  We are always here to help.

Content of Visits

We perform all recommended and required screenings during well visits.  We believe performing these procedures and or offering these services are in your child’s best interest.  Your insurance carrier may or may not cover specific services performed during a well-visit.  Please be aware that you may be responsible for copayments for consultations and evaluations for conditions or concerns discussed during a well visit.


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