Vaccination Statement and General Information

September, 2016

Dr. Auerbach has written many columns in the Newtown Bee regarding vaccinations and immunizations. We have also posted our policy on line and in the office.  One of the most important services we offer as pediatricians is to provide your child with immunizations.  We also want to ensure that as parents you have the most reliable and up-to-date information regarding vaccinating your child.  Please consider the sources of information; we believe science and not fear should  guide your decision to vaccinate your child.

After years of practicing medicine, after studying infectious diseases, pathophysiology, immunology, and pharmacology, we are firmly of the belief that vaccines only serve to benefit your child.  We do not take this view lightly, as we also vaccinate our own children.  Vaccines have saved countless numbers of lives. Because of their success, we seldom hear of the severe consequences of these diseases. However, having practiced for many years, we have seen the devastating effects of diseases like chicken pox, which most laypeople feel is a “right of passage”.  However, otherwise healthy children can die from this disease.  We have experienced it.  Had this vaccine been available earlier, our own patients would have survived.

Diseases that were once eradicated are now encountered; measles and pertussis were simply not seen 15-20 years ago.  We had to read about them in textbooks.  The resurgence of these diseases is solely due to the “non-vaccination” movement.  Unfortunately, we may need to see more significant morbidity and mortality rates before we convince this growing movement that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh any small risk of side effects.  Please, if there is anything we will beg for, it will be for you to vaccinate your child.  The equation has many factors.  Risk of disease and consequences including death vs. risk and degree of side effects and life long protection.  The results of each parent’s equation is different, and we respect parents’ choices.  However, our years of experience with these diseases, our understanding of immunology and vaccinations, and our knowledge and training are what we offer you.   There is no doubt in our minds about the balance of this equation.  

Additionally, not only are we trying to protect your child: babies and immunocompromised children may be unprotected and at risk because of non-vaccinated children.  We have studied these vaccines. Almost every physician and medical group in the world agrees that vaccines are safe and effective. Please educate yourself; learn about diseases; learn about immunology; learn about the real side effects of vaccines; make an informed decision based on science and not fear.  If you would like to see these diseases, please continue below.  

WARNING:  They may be graphic and disconcerting

Chicken pox or varicella






Whooping cough or pertussis

Neisseria Meningitidis


(Strep Pneumo)

H. Influenza B


Human Papilloma 

virus (HPV)

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis A