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Our Billing Company and Financial Policies

Judy, AccuMed Billing


In an effort to concentrate on your child’s healthcare, 

we have elected to outsource our billing to: 

AccuMed Billing

(203) 743-9539

We have a close relationship to Judy, the owner and service manager 

of the company.  If you have any financial issues that cannot be 

adequately addressed, please don’t hesitate to 

contact Dr. Auerbach directly.  

Our billing practices and policies are fairly standard 

for the medical industry.  

We recognize that recent changes have placed the financial burden on families.   

As a result, we do our best to minimize its impact,  

but we ask that you recognize the responsibility 

lies between you and your insurance company. 

Our policies regarding payments are posted and 

we ask for your consideration and prompt payment of 

any copays, deductibles, and balances at the time of your visit. 

If you have any questions or concerns, 

please contact either Judy or Dr. Auerbach. Paysite



When making a payment online, please be assured that 

your payment will be applied to your account.  

The “donation” page on our paysite “” is used only to 

allow for customized amounts.

It is considered an online store where pre-determined “prices” 

are used for all other payments.

Please enter total amount due from invoice(s)

Click on “Donate”

Click on “Add to cart”

Then proceed to check out.

Please retain any email or digital receipts.

While we are happy to interact with you on-line, 

we strongly believe that nothing can replace the personal interaction 

between patients and our staff.  

Please call us directly if you have any concerns about your child.


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Tel:  (203) 426-5437

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