Our office is newly constructed, 

modern and well maintained.  

We offer separate sick and well 

waiting areas  and exam rooms. 

The atmosphere is family friendly  

and will make you feel at home. 

A 150-gallon aquarium, solar system,  

select videos, books & magazines

 will keep  all ages entertained  should you have a short wait  

(Our goal: never more than 15 minutes).

We are conveniently located at

32 Church Hill Road in Lexington Village

(Turn in at Newtown Savings Bank)

with easy access to and from Interstate-84.

Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8 am - 5 pm

Phones are answered 8:45 am - 12 pm and 1:15 pm - 5 pm 

with 24-7 coverage outside of these hours. 

Our doctors and staff are on-call evenings and on weekends 

and will assist you and keep in contact with you 

should your child require an urgent care visit.  

We also use an overnight nurse triage line that 

stays in contact with our office and the physician on-call.

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Marina Arena, 


Richard Auerbach, 


Corinna Soriano, 


Allene  M.  Troy, 


  Dr. Auerbach received an undergraduate degree at  Tufts University  & medical school and 

residency training at  the University of Connecticut Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. 

He is board certified in pediatrics (American Board of Pediatrics and National Board of Physicians and Surgeons)  and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

 He is an associate professor of pediatrics at the  Universities of Vermont & Connecticut Schools of Medicine. 

He moved to Newtown in 2001 with his wife & two sons, having practiced pediatrics since 1998  

Patient’s Choice Award

Dr. Arena received an undergraduate degree  (summa cum laude) 

at The College of Saint Rose 

and a medical degree (cum laude) from Albany Medical College. 

She trained at Albert Einstein College of Medicine Schneider Children’s Hospital,  

where she regularly participated in research.  

She is board certified in pediatrics  (American Board of Pediatrics) and an AAP Fellow. 

A resident of Newtown since 2004, she lives with her husband and three children; having previously worked in Southbury and Stamford.

Dr. Soriano received an undergraduate degree  (cum laude) at the University of the Philippines  and a medical degree from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

She trained at Mount Sinai School of Medicine Elmhurst Hospital Center.

She is board certified in pediatrics (American Board of Pediatrics) and a Fellow of the AAP. 

She has been living with her husband and three daughters in Newtown since 2007.

She joined our practice after working in both Newtown and Southbury as a general pediatrician for Western CT Medical Group (Nuvance, Danbury Hospital)

Allene Troy received an undergraduate degree at Fairfield University and a Masters in health science and physician assistant degree from George Washington University School of Medicine. 

Board certified (National College of Physician Assistants) IBLCE board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), 

She provides comprehensive breastfeeding consultations.  

Living in Newtown with her husband and twins since 2008, she joined us after having worked as a PA and LC in Southbury (2000-2019) with Western CT Medical Group (Nuvance, Danbury Hospital).

Peggy, LPN and grandmother of 2,

is our anchor and has been with us and the area’s

 previous pediatricians since 1974

Kristen, RN has 3 boys and 

is our Practice Manager.  

She joined us in 2013 from Brookfield Family Medicine.

Cassie, LPN is expecting her first child and

 joined our family in 2019 from Greenwich Pediatrics.

Anna, RN is a new mom and

 joined us in  2021 having formerly worked 

at Stamford Hospital Labor and Delivery.

Lauren, RN, a mom of 3, joined us working part time 

and is now a certified IBCLC consultant

Jovanna, MA, mother of one (and former patient) 

has been our Medical Assistant since 2016

June, MA and receptionist, is a mother of two, 

has been with us since 2018, after almost 

10 years at Danbury Hospital.

Kayleigh, MA has one daughter and is our newest member;

assisting with reception and in the front office



We maintain privileges at Danbury Hospital

When your child is born, a member of the neonatology 

department will provide nursery care.  

Please inform the hospital staff and we will be notified.   

When more urgent care is required we rely on the 

physicians and staff at Danbury hospital.  

We closely follow our children who are admitted to

the hospital under the hospitalist service.



Medical Center

If your child requires specialty care, we may direct you to 

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center  

where we are familiar with specialists and their procedures.   

CCMC also has a new satellite center in Danbury

 which is fully staffed  by its specialists. 

 Dr. Soriano and Allene Troy 

are employees of CCMC’s medical group, which has been 

partnering with Auerbach Pediatrics,  

bringing them to Newtown in 2019.

Additionally, Dr. Auerbach was a student, 

trained at, and once was employed by CCMC.



For certain situations we will also refer patients to  

Yale Children’s Hospital   

given its comprehensive subspecialty care and proximity. 

For subspecialty care, both centers have 

satellite offices in Danbury  

and throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties.

Billing and Financial Policies

In an effort to concentrate on your child’s healthcare,  

we have elected to outsource our billing to: 

AccuMed Billing

(203) 743-9539

If you have any financial issues that cannot be

adequately addressed by Judy or her staff,  

please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Auerbach directly.   

Our billing practices and policies are fairly 

standard for the medical industry.   

We also ecognize the financial burden placed on families, 

and we do our best to minimize its impact;  but

please understand that the responsibility for coordination 

of benefits lies between you and your insurance company. 

Our policies regarding payments are posted and   

we ask for your consideration and prompt payment of any 

policy-determined copays, deductibles, and balances 

at the time of your visit.

Contacting our office

Routine scheduling and administrative issues

Please call 


(203) 426-5437

or email us 


For nursing questions or non-emergent issues

during office hours:

please feel free to email 


or text our nursing line

(203) 341-1800

All messages are generally returned 

by the end of the workday.

Caring for your children is a shared responsibility

and we request that you allow us up to 7 days  

for refillable prescriptions: most importantly 

for controlled substances. 

If your call is urgent, and requires the assistance of 

the nursing staff or on call physician, 

Please call our main number and speak 

with front office staff or our answering service.

If you have concerns or questions regarding the 

overnight nurse triage line or the answering service, 

 please notify our office immediately. 

Please also note:  we may close early due to weather,

staffing,  or other unforeseeable events. 

We will always have an on-call physician or nurse available 

to answer your questions; offering you the opportunity to

 speak with our staff members, without 

the need to shorten our regular hours or close early.